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Okay. Let's have a look at Hill Climb Racing, an Android game which is a lot of fun to play. You get to choose a vehicle. At the start you've only got the Jeep available for you. Then you can choose a setting. Again, just one level to start and that's Countryside. And then you can add power-ups with coins, if you like. So off we go, finger on the gas to drive and collect these little tokens.

As you see, the graphics are fairly smart without being [inaudible 00:34] sensational. But the movement of the car is [inaudible 00:38]. Here we are, that flipped over. And you have to collect these gas canisters to fill up the gas meter that's at the top. Otherwise, you stop at this one. Then you keep, as I say, collecting the tokens. Little jump, you've got the brake there which you will need to use. You've got to be careful because it's not as easy as you first think as I proved. Check it out anyway. It's Hill Climb Racing and it's free from the Google Play Store.

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