Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing for Windows

Driving the distance

Hill Climb Racing is a combination distance and physics arcade and puzzle game.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Interesting physics mechanics


  • Can get frustrating

Not bad

Hill Climb Racing is a combination distance and physics arcade and puzzle game.

Don't run out of gas

The point of the game is to drive as far as possible while keeping the car from flipping over and killing the driver. You have a depleting gas gauge and use the gas and brake to move. Depending on the terrain, you could flip the car very easily, because some environments require you to traverse over big hills.

Hill Climb Racing has car upgrades paid by the coins you collect during each playthrough. The challenge and addictiveness of the game is trying to drive as far as possible while trying not to get defeated by the physics. There are different vehicles that you can try all with different handling.

Graphics in Hill Climb Racing are simple, but animate very smoothly. There isn't any slowdown and that works to make the gameplay experience really fun. You may get frustrated at certain points, but the game is still fun to play.

Very simple presentation

You won't be impressed with Hill Climb Racing's graphics. But the gameplay is decent enough to offer fun with quick sessions. Don't expect a deep game whatsoever.

If you're looking for a game that can eat up a few minutes, then this is the game for you.

Great for old phones

As more powerful devices are released, Hill Climb Racing shows just how aged it is. The game could use an entire graphics refresh and possibly a better physics engine.

If you absolutely need something to play, Hill Climb Racing is decent.

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Hill Climb Racing


Hill Climb Racing 1.29.0 for Windows

User reviews about Hill Climb Racing

  • ravi rajput

    by ravi rajput

    nice game majaa aa gaya wonderful game car is very beautifil

  • Zachary Steele

    by Zachary Steele

    yes but need to put gear like rockets bouncy weales spikes for wheels and ya

  • Yukta Malhotra

    by Yukta Malhotra

    amazing app for people who are going through stress.i love it....



    RACING. It is very beautiful racing. It feel up high punchuation car. Pros: MAN. CAR AND MOON MISSION. Cons: HIGH CLIM. SO EVER